Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The convulsions of the corpse

"Oh dear. I really didn't want my first blog post in a week to be yet another one about global bloody warming", writes Dellers. And I know how he feels. Writing about the subject has taken on the aspect of reporting on the contortions of a rotting corpse.

The game is over but, despite the stench, the grieving fans can't bear to be separated from the object of their affections ( ... a bit like the euro and the EU really - how interesting that these obsessions are falling apart together).

The problem is, Dellers adds, is that if those lying, cheating climate scientists will insist on going on lying and cheating what else can I do other than expose their lying and cheating? Well, he has a point. The last flurry of contortions should not go unremarked. I'm glad he's doing it, so that I don't have to.