Saturday, September 03, 2011

No respect, and no policy

This result is both inevitable and predictable. I could halve that figure within a year, and bring it down to a tiny fraction of the current rate in five years – based on known systems, which have worked elsewhere in the world. Furthermore, I included the analysis in a report I wrote for the Tories, when I was foolish enough to work for them.

Like my fishing policy, it was ignored. But then, I'm not a quango-queen on a seven-figure salary. Neither am I a thick little Tory Boy working my way up the greasy pole, fawning over my Leader while he prattles about "tough love" (excuse me while I vomit).

But ideas from me and people like me have to be disregarded – we are not in the bubble. That is the way our world works. And they wonder why I and people like me have such contempt for them?