Friday, September 02, 2011

He speaks too soon

David Cameron is preening himself over the "success" of the campaign in Libya, saying he would be prepared to use force again during his time as prime minister.  With almost staggering pomposity though, he declares that two conditions must first be satisfied: that the use of force must be morally right and also achievable – with the backing of the international community before it begins.

In response, one must observe that The Boy is being a tad premature talking about "success". The fighting in Libya is not yet over and, even when it is, the experience of Iraq and Afghanistan should tell him that the initial phase of a "regime change" operation is often the easiest. What comes next takes longer and is invariably harder.

Then, as to any future military action, Cameron may not have noticed – but the man who passes for his defence secretary is currently engaged in dismantling Britain's Armed Forces. The next time they are needed, there may be nothing left in the locker.

Finally, one seriously wonders how this creature can pontificate about "morality". Given his background and current performance as a politician, he should leave such matters to the priests. At least they tend to have some formal qualifications in these matters.