Friday, August 05, 2011

It's scary time again

This is the offering from The Sun. The Daily Mash is having a field day, quite rightly taking the mick. But we did say that it didn't look as if the last round of financial "rescues" was going to see the "colleagues" through the summer. One can at least get some entertainment from watching them squirm though.

It is Ambrose, however, who sums it up with the cri de Coeur: "Please Europe, either put up or break up". It is getting to the point where we are all sick to the teeth of watching the death throes, and wish the whole damn thing would get it over and done with, and die.

Funny how everybody is a "eurosceptic" now, as they creep out of the woodwork to tell us that the euro wasn't such a good idea after all ... the same slime who for the last twenty years have been telling us that the UK must join the single currency.