Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Thieves at large

A propos our piece yesterday, the following report has emerged, from this February. Only the lowest form of pond life could weep crocodile tears about "cuts" and then appoint "sustainability" officials on 40k salaries, pensions and benefits.

If Camden Council had to put their budgets to an annual popular referendum, do you think they would be approved? Do you think these people (above) would be happy to see their libraries closed down so that the Council can afford its team of sustainability officers?

But, of course, it is not only Camden. Here is an example from Chesterfield (above). How many hundreds of millions are being sprayed against the wall, while the leftoids bleat about "cuts", particularly, as we see here, the young and the elderly are hardest hit.

And so it goes on, throughout the country – this next example in Walsall, where the Council is still recruiting, as long as it is for work on cutting down plant fertiliser .

Once again, libraries get the chop ... we are not burning books, we are simply closing down the libraries and disposing of the books ... all in the name of the great God climate change.

Of course, one is extremely happy for all these climate change personnel, when so many other council staff are losing their jobs.

And never forget, if you decide that you have better use for the money, and withhold it from these wasteful councils, you get policemen breaking into your home and seizing you by force. Then you go to jail. This is democracy, people ... but hey! We have sexy MPs!