Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Asheep at the helm

Google "referism": about 4,580 results; blogs, about 1,510 results. In news: "your search did not match any documents". By contrast, "sexymp" offers 5,530 results; blogs about 1,500 results and in news, about 234 results.

Not a sheep, who famously tells us: "I have my own mind ... I will speak out", shows Mrs Nota Sheep the "sexymp" website who then offers some thoughts on some of the top 20, with photographs. Mr Sheep then notes that the top ten of  "mixed" are all women. In fact, we are told, Mark Harper is only man in the top 20, to which the comment is: "Well done sir; I salute you - but not in that way".

Of such fearless and strident comment is democracy made. With so much press coverage of this vital issue, and the blogs also pulling their weight, it is far safer this morning than it was yesterday.