Thursday, June 02, 2011

"Accurate forecasts ... not possible"

First we have this (top) and then we have this (immediately above). Weather forecasters today poured cold water on claims the nation was set to bake in June. A few days of relative sunshine led to headlines of "Flaming June" and sun cream warnings. But three different forecasters dampened suggestions the summer would be a classic leaving Britons bronzed.

What this all boils down to is that no one has the first idea what it is going to be like. As The Independent now concedes: "Accurate long forecasts are not possible". That also applies to predictions of climate – which use the same computer models, although it must be pretty obvious by now that the main reason for governmental enthusiasm for "global warming" is the tax-raising potential.

As always, though, there are enough rent-seekers out there to bolster the case, and make believe it is not about money. But, if you believe that, then you can believe we are in for a heat wave. Me? I'm learning how to knit.