Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Prince of hypocrits

A new video from the "not evil, just wrong" team, to commemorate Prince Charles travelling today by private jet the US to lecture us about "sustainability" at Georgetown University in Washington DC. They asked us to post the video, and we're happy to do so. Bin Laden or not, life goes on - unless you're Bin Laden, of course.

The man (Prince Charles) blew it really big time for us when he started cosying up to the EU - as an aside, it is interesting that Charlie Boy and Bin Laden have in common their concern about global warming ... along with Charles Manson. Interesting trio, that - each in their own way, men who have done enormous damage.

And there was also that little matter of the Prince's ill-judged support for the CRU. Surrounded by sycophants, there is no one around him to tell him what a fool he is - but then a man of his stature is judged by the advisers he appoints. He makes his own grief and, for all he cares, he has built up a large cadre within this nation that would sooner see him dead than king.

Certainly, if Charles (the Prince, that is ... I don't think Manson is in the running) ever gets to the throne, I'm a republican.