Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Jamesmobile

In another fine piece, Dellers pimps the Turnballs Report. And therein lies prestige ... when we do feed-in tariffs, many times, we are lucky to get the occasional link. But when the Great Lord does it, the grateful plebs are swarming all over it:
The feed-in tariff mechanism is fast becoming a scandal. Those lucky enough to own buildings large enough on which to install solar panels or enough land for a wind farm have been receiving 30-40p per kwh, for electricity, which is retailed at only 11p. The loss is paid for by a levy on businesses and households. It is astonishing that the Liberals who attach such importance to fairness turn a blind eye to this transfer from poor to rich running to £billions a year. If you live in a council tower block in Lambeth you don't have much opportunity to get your nose into this trough.
That we should have more publicity for what is in fact just a legal way of picking pockets is extremely welcome, so this is not a complaint. And it is most certainly not a swipe at Dellers. He has been extremely generous with his links – unlike the other schissen in the Failygraph, who will rob you blind without as much as a word of thanks.

But it is a reflection of the way the world works ... and an important reminder of how campaigning has to be done. Prestige is everything ... attack the prestige of the enemy, not his message. Likewise, even if through gritted teeth occasionally, one must enhance the prestige of one's allies, if they are contributing to the fight.