Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Breaking news – gnomes seized

We break off from following the developments on the Bin Laden story to bring you the important news that garden gnome-loving grandmother Veronica Pratt had one special request when she died - she wanted her colourful collection to line the route of her funeral procession.

The 82-year-old's family duly laid 30 of her favourite gnomes and ornaments on a roundabout in Narberth where the cortege would past - only to see them confiscated by the "elf and safety" police.

Pembrokeshire Council officers (known locally as the "Taffiban") said they had been instructed to remove the gnomes after Welsh Assembly transport officials said they could be "distracting" to other road users. Mrs Pratt's family said they were sad to see the gnomes, on Penblewin roundabout, taken away.

Another victory for common sense, humanity and intelligent government.