Sunday, January 09, 2011

We must lose ours

Autonomous Mind has read my Mail on Sunday piece and takes it further. He draws the obvious conclusions. Raedwald also has some very interesting comments and his commentator makes a valid point or two. I really smiled at Ockham's Razor, and enjoyed hugely Wittering from Witney.

It is always interesting to see who links to you on these occasions ... and who doesn't - that tells its own tale.  To get an op-ed in the Mail on Sunday is a significant event, and the paper has given it good exposure, with also a link on the front page of the website.  Some bloggers, who might have been expected to have crawled all over a piece covering the issues I raise, are strangely silent. You don't have to be a genius to work out why ... or why so few seem to be linking to Booker's piece. But there is something rather "precious" and pathetically small-minded there.

Me, I was going to do a review on Hague's piece in The Sunday Telegraph, but reading it induces a sort of torpor that prevents any further action. There is nothing Hague or any Conservative politician can say to me, to which I actually want to listen.

So, what do we want from our political institutions? Well, I wrote the answer in July 2005. And note ... I am referring to the institutions. They have served their purpose. We need to move on.