Friday, January 07, 2011

Open thread

Had serious day-jobbing yesterday, which may appear somewhere on Sunday. Exhaustion now intervenes, so I will pick up the pieces after a night's sleep. Meanwhile, a new open thread for you for the forum - anything goes. I've been really impressed with the previous ones - hope you enjoyed them as well.

UPDATE: Having emerged from the pit, suitably refreshed, one sees through the transparent plates which permit the external view of the domain, that we are afflicted once again with global warming - of a particularly heavy duty nature. This is, of course, a local phenomenon, and we do appreciate that the rest of the world is getting so much hotter.

But, oh dear! Two inches of well-forecast snow - and not a gritter to be seen. The roads are skating rinks, pavements are lethal, schools are shutting early and the whole City is grinding to a halt. Yet, the idle, ill-prepared bastards will be there with their hands out for more money in April, all to keep chief executive Tony Reeves in the luxury he most certainly does not deserve, having already pulled down £182,571 of our money in salary and bonuses this year.