Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A perfect metaphor

On the one hand, we have billions being spent on "climate change", its mitigation and all the other fatuous schemes related to the global warming scare, controlled by people of diminishing brain and even less sense.

On the other hand, we have unseasonal cold and a light dusting of snow in London, and the public transport system falls apart, causing acute distress and inconvenience to millions of people.

Meanwhile, that unspeakable fool Cameron is prattling about football. For God's sake – the man is supposed to be prime minister of the United Kingdom. All you can do is shake your head and wonder how we managed to sink so low.

UPDATE: Reading the blatts this morning, one sees the headline, "Snow leaves commuters stranded".  It did no such thing of course - what left people stranded was a mixture of unpreparedness and incompetence.  Says David Greaves of RSA insurers, "Bad weather in the run-up to Christmas will have a major impact on the UK's economy ... we're looking at £1.2 billion [lost] every working day".

This is where public services and government - local and central - have their parts to play but, while they coinstantly have their hands out for our money, and have open cheque books when it comes to their global warming obsession, we see unremitting failure when it comes to the basics of keeping the roads open, the pavements treated and the public transport system running.

We are truly in the hands of fools and knaves.