Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bears poo in woods

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has come up with a stunning finding, that a lot of EU money is misspent and rather large amounts end up in the pockets of the Mafia.

I shouldn't be dismissive, but this is being carried out in conjunction with the Financial Times, which has always been a cheerleader for the project – and still is. Even to this day, they cannot get their heads round the idea that it is hard enough keeping track on our own crooks (aka politicians). When the money goes international, and the accountability and supervision weakens, then it is inevitable that public money will be misused.

The only remedy here, therefore, is to stop giving any money to the EU. That is the only answer, but one the FT is not yet able to deal with. Instead, it devotes its resources to telling us the bleedin' obvious. What will be really interesting is when it gets off the easy stuff and starts writing about the really big crooks.