Wednesday, July 07, 2010


How interesting it is that the warmists are still piling in on the back of the Sunday Times "Amazongate" retraction, ready to offer their penn'orth.

Latest into the fray is Joss Garman, climate and energy campaigner for Greenpeace and co-founder of Plane Stupid (pictured), who writes in the left-wing blog Left foot forward.

To make sure no one misses his message, he also posts on his own blog, Joss Garman, and then it is nicely cross-posted on the premier Labour Party site, Labour Home. This is blogging at its best – Garman obviously knows the ropes.

When it comes to knowing what he is talking about, however, Garman is less at home with the facts, telling us that: "So-called 'Amazon-gate' was a completely fake scandal", following the well-trodden path of declaring it a "referencing error".

But, while Garman has comments sections on his blogs, they are moderated and it seems that he is not disposed to allow his many errors to be corrected. Posts on each two of the blogs, placed mid afternoon, have yet to appear – despite one of those blogs allowing later comments.

This seems classic greenery. These big girls' blouses can dish it out but when it comes to dealing with disagreement they seem to be - to use a word a certain lady once favoured - frit. Always they have to be in control of the message – the lesser greenies cannot be allowed to think for themselves.