Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Death threats galore

The Guardian is selling us a sob story about how our brave climate scientists have suffered a surge of death threats and other unpleasantness, following the release of the "Climategate" e-mails.

Why this should be news is questionable – except that we are to hear the results of the Muir Russell whitewash inquiry tomorrow, so the paper is quite obviously warming up for the event.

Describing itself as leading the way in environmental reporting, the paper argues that "Global warming remains a great threat to humanity". This is why, it tells us, "we have placed the issue at the top of our editorial agenda."

And that made its site, environmentguardian.co.uk the most popular environment site in the world in September 2009. Currently it is the largest green website in the UK, while the number of unique users between July to March 2010 more than doubled to 19.1 million, compared with the 9.2 million the same period the year before.

With that sort of market penetration, you wonder why the warmists are getting so paranoid about losing the argument, except that a large proportion of people coming onto the site are probably sceptics who are only there to mock. With Gerald Warner and Delingpole both at it, even 19 million users leaves them struggling.

Perhaps sceptics also ought to be getting death threats ... except that they are.