Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The big, fundamental questions

I cannot recall any period in my life when I have been less interested in the activities of them in Westminster. Yet, it seems, the evil Clegg is pratting around with his obsession over fixed term parliaments, dissolution rules and sundry other displacement activities.

He is, for instance, also messing about with the voting system and planning a referendum on what is called the AV system. My indifference to this is matched only by the indifference of the rest of the population.

Nevertheless, the irony of being offered a referendum for something we don't want, and being refused one for something we do – a referendum on the EU – has not escaped us. Clegg thinks this will give the electoral system "a new legitimacy". In fact, the insult simply reinforces the detachment of the political classes from the rest of us.

Therefore, unable to take this preposterous child seriously, one begins to dwell on the "big, fundamental questions" - but not those on which the deputy prime thingy constantly pronounces. These become more and more urgent every time we see him stand up in the Commons: is his body too big for his head – or is his head too small for his body?