Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The "moderates" attack

Since when have Tim Yeo, Ken Clarke and John Gummer been "moderates"? Raving europhiles all three, they are now attacking climate change sceptics as "flat-earthers" and urging David Cameron to show Churchillian leadership on the issue [of climate change] if he becomes prime minister.

For this the trio, using the Tory Reform Group as cover, gain the label "Tory moderates" from The Independent. They have, we are told, "rallied behind Mr Cameron in his battle with Tory MPs, MEPs and grassroots members, many of whom are sceptical about climate change."

If we have got this right, the Tory mainstream are against the global warming hype while this dire crew is urging the leader to defy the bulk of his own party, and they are the moderates?

However, it is very revealing how, when we see the Right emasculated yet the Left of the party sees no problem in promoting its agenda, without a whisper of criticism from the media.

Yet, when David Davis aired a very much milder opposite view last week, the media were all over him, with The Daily Mail screaming about how he had "gone to war" on Cameron's green crusade.

Once again, therefore, we see the distorted nature of the political debate, where politicians who represent mainstream public opinion are branded "extreme", while left wing politicians (and others) feel free to insult them and those whose views they represent, and they are described as "moderate".