Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Missed two

Following my commentary on Corus steel, Biased BBC and ShareCrazy tell me that they linked to the post. ShareCrazy tells me that they also published a piece the Monday after Climategate broke (two weeks before this) advising its readers to dump or short carbon stocks. The "green" bubble is beginning to burst, they seem to feel.

My apologies for missing these, and can add yet another: Wolf Howling. Interestingly, though, they do not change the basic premise that the "big hitter" party political sites are struggling with the climate change issue. Not so the "second division", where there is much fine writing and commentary, leaving the "stars" floundering.

Thus, we have sites such as Purple Scorpion, with some astute comments about The Sun, Man in a Shed, who writes about the real sun, Not a Sheep, who picks up on sea levels, and the Daniel 1979 blog who has an interesting tee-shirt. Then there is the entertaining Englishman's Castle which has had a number of very interesting observations.

Despite the politicos and their blogging groupies wanting to bury it, therefore, Climategate is not going away. Even the MSM is beginning to catch up. When we first calculated it last week, the Tiger Woods Index, it stood at 9693 (28,400,000 - 2,930).

Now, five days later (at 1 am this morning), it had more than halved, standing at 4015. Google pages have increased to 33,500,000 but MSM stories have soared to 8,343. Many of those stories are knocking copy, but many more are not. Either way, like "hide the decline", Climategate is becoming part of the language.