Monday, November 02, 2009

A tale of two issues

Just fifteen percent of people in Britain worry about climate change and how the world responds to the problem - down from 26 percent last year. It scores less than Gordon Brown

By contrast, in a Guardian/ICM poll in May, 22 percent indicated that "Europe" was the chief concern.

In other words, despite the global hype and their best efforts to ramp up the fear, stretching back two decades, the warmists and the politicians have failed to covert us to their bullshit religion.

How interesting then it is that the politicians tell us that the EU is not an issue, because it consistently features low in the list of voters concerns. And that is with them doing their best to keep it on the back-burner. Yet, despite the low ranking of global warming, they rush around like headless chickens, ordering us to change our life-styles, give them lots of money, fill our gardens and streets with recycling bins ... etc., etc.

This has to tell you something about politicians. And we are not alone. Worldwide, the number of people "worrying" about global warming has fallen by eight percent to just over a third in the last year. The figure in the US is only 18 percent. In Australia it is 22 percent.

For the UK though, nothing better illustrates the disconnect between the people and the politicians. Their concerns are not our concerns. Our concerns are not their concern. And that is why so many people are not concerned about them.

Soon enough, that lack of concern will express itself as something more tangible than a low turnout in elections. The political system is living on borrowed time.