Sunday, October 04, 2009

What debates?

David Cameron says he won't shift his policy on Lisbon because he does not want to prejudice the debates taking place in other nations.

What debates?

He says that he has been told for eighteen months that Lisbon was about to be ratified. It is still not ratified. If it still hasn't been ratified and the Conservatives come to power there will be a referendum.

Andrew Marr repeatedly said he could not understand why a pledge to hold a referendum regardless of ratification would prejudice debates in other countries. David Cameron did not shift from his position.

Listen to Barroso, Dave: "Now that all Member States have democratically approved the Lisbon Treaty, I hope that the necessary procedures for its entry into force can be completed as quickly as possible in Poland and the Czech Republic."

Now stop taking us for fools. We want a referendum.