Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Strategic thinking?

.... there are other, potentially greater, threats to the security of the nation than the distant prospect of an invasion by an unidentified superpower, or an attack by a rogue nuclear state. The consequences of climate change in terms of water supply, mass migration and unrest in parts of the world on which we rely for energy constitute just as great an existential threat as existed during the Cold War.

That is the view of the world's favourite newspaper. The source of this tosh, however, is the IPPR - 147 pages of it. They'll be rolling out the European Climate Change Corps next.

UKNDA believes the IPPR authors are "barking up the wrong tree". The IPPR recommends a move away from Britain's traditional focus on the alliance with the USA, towards a Europe-centred Defence policy. "We must continue to stand alongside America - that is absolutely fundamental ... It would be sheer folly to retreat to the role of European bit-player, heavily reliant on France and Germany," says UKNDA. We could hardly disagree.