Friday, July 03, 2009

Goodness me, people resign?

Some light relief for our readers while the boss concentrates on the really important news of the day. But it seems that in some countries highly placed officials resign after being accused of misusing public money.

The chap in question is The Director of the Spanish Secret Service, CNI, Alberto Sáiz, who resigned after several weeks of revelations and claims about him in the press, led by newspaper El Mundo.

There are some entertaining aspects to the story:
The paper printed a list of claims saying that Sáiz had made private use of the CNI facilities, including international hunting and fishing trips, and used his post to help family and friends.

When the revelations about him surfaced in the press he was then accused of using sophisticated lie detector equipment against his own agents in an attempt to track down the leaks to the press.
I wonder why some of our people, politicians and officials have not thought of those "sophisticated lie detectors". Or, perhaps, they did and they do not work any more than the less sophisticated thumb screws do.

The Times has some details on the accusations.