Friday, May 01, 2009

And who can argue with this?

Justin Webb, the outgoing American correspondent of the BBC and the man who is supposed to be pro-American though only by the Beeb's standards, said something very strange when he introduced his book "Have a Nice Day".

On the one hand he admitted that one of the things he liked about America as he travelled round the country (amazing, really, for a British hack) was the still vibrant sense of community wherever he went. People really cared about the place they lived in, the way it was run and the people who were part of it.

You could not really say the same about Britain, for instance. But for all of that, he was convinced that the only way America could save itself was by becoming more like other countries, particularly European ones, since Mr Webb, in common with his colleagues never really thinks seriously about other countries and other systems. In particular, it should emulate Britain and discard its outmoded ideas. Even, presumably, that very attractive strong sense of local community. Logical these people are not.

In the meantime, over on Your Freedom and Ours, I have embedded a video by Dan Mitchell of Cato Institute on why America should not turn into another France economically speaking. There are a few other things on the blog as well: Spanish Civil War, petitions, a general pot-pourri.