Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Media bias?

Julia A. Seymour of the Business & Media Institute laments about how the media networks are mostly ignoring signs of cooling. She has a point.

If you go to Google News and type in "cooling trend", you get 45 hits. Try the same thing with "global cooling" and you will get 177. Now do "global warming" and you get 26,993 stories. For "climate change" you will find 48,791.

There is, nevertheless, hope for us yet. One of those "climate change" stories is from The Guardian which has a scandalised Lord Drayson, now in his role as science minister, complaining that "Industry leaders [are] denying climate change" (pictured visiting NASA).

There is, says Drayson, "an urgent need to restate the scientific evidence for global warming" and he calls for companies to "focus on their environmental obligations".

This is the same Lord Drayson who was once our defence procurement minister, he who famously got up in the House of Lords in June 2006 and proclaimed that, "the Snatch Land Rover provides us with the mobility and level of protection that we need." He was then famously over-ruled by his boss who told him to go out and buy some decent protected vehicles.

That, in many ways, tells you as much as you need to know about Drayson but it is entertaining to note that a so-called "science minister" is "shocked" at the number of "climate change deniers" among senior industrialists. Of those who acknowledged that global temperatures were rising, he says, "many blamed it on variations in the sun's activity."

Furthermore, says the scandalised Drayson, "There is a significant minority of senior managers who do not accept the evidence for climate change and don't see the need to take action." He adds: "It really shocked me that those views are held, and it's not limited to the car industry."

We can only express some optimism that, despite the huge media bias and the stupidity of a man who should immediately present himself to Trading Standards and report himself for misrepresentation, there is still a significant number of industrialists who do not buy into the scare.

However, it seems that we're not even allowed to call them sceptics any more. Do you see a trend emerging here?