Friday, March 06, 2009

Errm, perhaps we do not think that highly of Obama after all - 1

There has been a certain amount of derision heaped on our own Prime Minister for trying to bask in the glory that is the new American President (whose popularity may still stand as high as Dubya's did at this stage but whose policies are becoming ever more toxic, if one may use that hackneyed word). But on the other side of the Pond they see it differently.

Blog after blog has expressed embarrassment about the cancelled press conference in the Rose Garden, about the President's inability to show friendly feelings towards the country that is seen by many Americans, including those in Congress, as their greatest ally. Finally, about those DVDs, not what most people consider to be an adequate response to Gordon Brown's gifts (chosen, one assumes by the FCO who still do this sort of thing quite well). Scott Johnson on Powerline sums up, quoting liberally from the Daily Mail and Iain Martin's piece in the Daily Telegraph as well as American sources.

Could it be that the British media, particularly the Telegraph, that was so enamoured of Barack Obama when he was candidate that it refused to report the campaign, preferring to turn itself into an extended fanzine, is beginning to turn? Or is it merely being chalked up as another Brown failure? We on this blog consider both leaders to be incompetent on their performance so far.