Monday, October 13, 2008

I've calmed down – a bit

But only a little bit.

I am now going to explain why this financial crisis, with the incalculable damage it has caused, is entirely the fault of our ruling classes - of which Dr Tannock is a fully paid-up member. I will then explain why and how we must never, ever, let these dangerous fools do the same thing again.

This is going to be a precision demolition job and I'm going to take it in stages. Firstly, to understand this crisis, you really need to know the background.

I've lived with it for thirty years, as I've seen the makings of this regulatory disaster unfold. This is just the final chapter of what is a wholly inevitable, if completely avoidable, disaster.

The best way I know of explaining it is in a semi-autobiographical way, which I hope will give you a deeper insight than just an arid dissertation. I will build the case, piece by piece, brick by brick, each of which I will post on EU Referendum 2. Then I will put it all together here, in one piece, cross-linked so all the evidence and reasoning is there.

The first part - the first brick - starts here:

Part I - A disaster waiting to happen