Sunday, October 12, 2008

A delicious rant

It can be found here. Meanwhile, Jim McConalogue takes on the EU in Centre Right, linking to his own piece in The Yorkshire Post.

Jim's piece elicits a comment on the Centre Right blog from a certain Mark Williams, who airily declares:

The EU has very little to do with bank regulation and capital adequacy, which is agreed on a much wider international basis at the Bank for International Settlements … All the EU directives do is require all EU countries to adopt the Basel accords so that no EU country can try to gain a competitive advantage in banking by applying a lighter regulatory regime.
Under normal circumstances, this would easily win the "fatuous comment of the week" prize. However, there is just too much competition. Fresh from demonstrating that human life can exist without the blessing of intelligence, Charles Moore triumphs again in The Spectator. There, he is happily telling us, in respect of the financial crisis, that because, "We are not part of the single currency. We are free to do what we want …".

But, for Mark Williams as a consolation prize, we've found this - and even got a picture for him.