Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another one behind

While the euro-weenies play their destructive little games in Brussels today, Tony Lodge writes in The Yorkshire Post reminding us of the forthcoming energy crisis.

If Britain's energy minister was a poker player, Lodge writes, he would look tired, worn out and increasingly desperate. His hand of cards would be dismal and though his excuse would be that he had been dealt a very bad hand, much of the blame would undoubtedly be his for not paying more attention to the game and being better prepared.

But Britain's energy predicament is certainly not a game, observes Lodge. It is, he declares, "potentially a national disaster with far-reaching consequences which could have been avoided with sufficient forward planning and investment years ago."

Read the rest of what Lodge has to say. He is, of course, dead right. But the trouble is that we do not have an energy minister anymore. We have a secretary of state for energy and climate change – where the greenie zealots coming over from Defra are going to swamp the energy wonks from BERR.

Given also that the Tory shadow Greg Clarke is not much better - his chief advisor being climate change evangelist Peter Franklin – we are in pretty dire straits. And then there is the malign presence of Zac Goldsmith hovering in the background.

This is a bit like busses really. If we ever get out of this financial crisis, there will be another crisis not far behind.