Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Not a bad idea?

The dreaded EU, we are told, is planning to open its own police stations in UK – another of its ploys to bring Brussels closer to its citizens.

This comes from Michele Alliot-Marie, interior minister of France, said that putting multi-lingual police stations in cities and regions popular with tourists could help win back voters disillusioned with the EU.

Under the proposal, police officers from member states would man stations in major tourist zones to assist their fellow nationals. Britons robbed in say, the south of France, would be able to speak to a British policeman about their case. Likewise, a Frenchman assaulted in London would be able to speak to a French officer in the capital.

We are assured that, "These would not be monstrous mega-police stations, but rather offices where people from a foreign country can come and be assisted when they have something nasty happen to them - if they've been attacked or had their pockets picked - and where they will be well looked after."

If it wasn't for the fact that this was coming from the EU – which always wants to politicise these issues – this strikes me as a rather good idea. Dealing with the French police can be rather trying, as I recount from when I had my laptop stolen in Paris, over on EU Referendum 2.


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