Friday, July 06, 2007

"Jumping the shark"

One can learn a lot from The American Thinker, which is more of a webzine than a blog. To be quite candid their articles on Europe, Britain and the European Union rarely show genuine understanding but on other subjects there is a great deal of information and interest. I have shown my partiality for that site by the regularity with which I quote from it and link to it.

This morning I learnt something very useful: the exact meaning and origin of the expression "jumping the shark".
"Jump the shark" refers to the precise moment at which a TV program loses momentum or begins the process of losing the element that made the show popular.
The point John Berlau of the Competitive Enterprise Institute makes is that the global warming scare mob may well have jumped the shark with the mega-events being planned for this week-end all over the world:
This weekend, rock stars will jet around the world, cars and buses will clog traffic, and elaborate sound stages will be set up to burn massive amounts of fuel to send the message to fans at home that they had better conserve their energy or face the allegedly dire threat of global warming.
It seems that there are a good many rock stars even, who are sceptical of the ballyhoo, some for very good reasons, some not so good ones. I am not convinced that "Sir" Bob Geldof's scepticism is fuelled by anything but fear of being upstaged.

Just as the MSM in its narrative that disregards so much of the truth and seems to take the side of our enemies is trying to relive its glory days of Vietnam and Watergate (not precisely glorious for the rest of the world) so, as John Berlau points out,
The Live Earth concerts, which start this Saturday, July 7, are also one last chance for Baby Boomers to relive the "flower power" activism of the '60s.
Read the whole piece.

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