Friday, July 06, 2007

French logic

One of our readers has called attention to an interesting post on Little Green Footballs. Quoting an article in the Corriere della Serra the blog points out that one of the members of the new French government is, apparently, a "truther" or "troofer", that is someone who believes there were no aeroplanes on 9/11 and the Twin Towers were destroyed by explosions organized by Bush or Cheney or the CIA or Rumsfeld or the State Department, who craftily staged an attack on their own building in Washington DC.

The lady in question is Christine Boutin, leader of the Forum des R├ępublicains Sociaux, a French Christian-Democrat Party and now Minister of Housing and the City. She, too, has a blog.

So what is her reason for suggesting that it is not impossible that President Bush was behind 9/11? Apparently, the "truther" websites get an enormous number of hits and that proves that there must be some truth in what they say. I bet porn websites get even more hits. What does that prove?

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