Monday, June 11, 2007

It takes a special kind of genius

Readers of this blog may have detected ever such a slight political bias towards the right, a predilection which would have us, under normal circumstances, favouring the supposedly rightist Party, the Conservatives.

Then along comes this - yet another attempt to force the Government to hold an inquiry into the Iraq war. The Tories are to use an Opposition day debate in the House of Commons to force a vote on the issue.

Ministers insist that there have already been four inquiries of various kinds and that a further investigation while British troops are engaged in Iraq would be counter-productive.

This put us in the invidious position of having to agree with a supposedly leftist government – and it takes a special kind of genius to do that.

The time for post mortems is post mortem. It would be much more helpful if the Conservatives focused on winning the war, rather than making what is, in truth, a tawdry exercise in political point-scoring.


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