Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The enemy speaks

"Surely we don't want to be run by Malta," proclaims a headline covering an article by Roland Rudd, founding chairman of Business for New Europe, successor organisation to the now defunct Britain in Europe.

Rudd is speaking up for the putative EU treaty, arguing that it makes no sense to continue with the rotating presidency of the EU, with different countries taking the chair every six months. That would leave the likes of Malta holding the presidency and Rudd is "left wondering" what the island state can achieve in its half-year presidency. The same goes, he writes, for many of the smaller member states. There is even a limit to what the large member states, such as Britain, can achieve for the EU in a mere six months.

But hang on a minute! Who runs British fishing policy – determining the management of waters which contain 80 percent of the fish stocks in the waters controlled by EU member states? Ah! The Maltese commissioner Mr Joe Borg (pictured), who also happens to be fisheries commissioner.

Of course we don't want to be run by Malta, Mr Rudd. Let's get out of the EU now!


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