Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Recognising the challenge

We did it a few days ago - the Harvard University report on how Hezbollah won the propaganda war in Lebanon.

For those who did not have time to read the full report, however, The Jerusalem Post has just published a superb article summarising it.

As predicted, the smug, self-satisfied British media has completely ignored the report, demonstrating that they are neither equipped nor willing to meet "the challenge for responsible journalists covering asymmetrical warfare" posed by the report authors.

Given that the media (or MSM as we should call it) is so far from even recognising that a challenge faces it, one would have thought that this was an opportunity made in heaven for the blogosphere to take up the slack.

That has indeed been the case with US political (right wing) blogs but, as always, the British blogosphere lags behind. EU Ref, apart, we have difficulty in finding any British blog that has covered the report. Like the MSM it so often apes, it too seems to have difficulty recognising the challenge.


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