Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who is to lead?

Unimpressed as we were by Angela Merkel's sudden enthusiasm for the EU constitution, we argued that this was simply a German chancellor protecting national interest.

And now we see Merkel again appearing to be communautaire, pushing for binding targets on renewable energy usage throughout the EU. This is to the consternation of Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary – and four more of the seven new EU member states. For them, coal remains a vital source of power, far cheaper than alternative energy sources.

Unfortunately, Merkel has bought into the anthropomorphic global warming scam and says she believes that "Europe" will not be taken seriously unless it agrees a binding target of 20 percent renewables by 2020 – enforceable in the European court.

She is determined to get agreement to act at the informal European Council - to be held on Thursday and Friday - saying that she wants the Council to demonstrate that "Europe" is willing to provide a global lead in tackling climate change.

But, given the leading role Germany is taking on this issue, one has to wonder whether it really is "Europe" that Merkel wants to be in the lead, or whether this is another way of giving Germany that position.


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