Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A fabric of lies...

The Boy and his Czech partner in crime Mirek Topolanek have teamed up to write the most amazingly self-serving piece on the Telegraph website.

Headed, with execrable grammar, "Building an EU that we can all be proud of", all the predictable clichés are there. The duo want to "to pioneer a new agenda for Europe", with "key commitments for a forward-looking EU".

They lay the foundations for the usual, mythical EU that lives on in the dim fantasies of "one nation" Tories. This is the EU that is "clearly and unambiguously committed to open markets", that is "committed to a Europe of nation states" and, of course, is "more flexible". As you might have guessed, it also "should be committed to a strong transatlantic relationship".

This is their recipe for building an "EU fit for the 21st century", but it is the same old, same old 20th Century drivel that the Tories have been churning out for decades.

So familiar and predictable is it that it is an insult to our collective intelligence. As The Sun pointed out yesterday, it is a deliberate snub to the Eurosceptics, a declaration by the Boy that there is no possibility of compromise.

He has accepted nothing and is giving nothing, having abandoned any pretence of adhering to even tepid Euroscepticism. He now speaks only for that Europhile core of a Conservative Party that wants to drive European political integration. He is a leader with ideas of which Macmillan and Heath would heartily approve, and which have nothing in common with Thatcher.

Like the EU itself, the Boy is now in his present position by dint of deception – a fabric of lies, sustained by fanatasy. Would he have won the leadership with a slogan, "Building an EU that we can all be proud of", committing himself to that task? I think not.

This is not a man with whom one can do business.

Meanwhile, England Expects has a report from the heart of Europe (pictured above right), where Dave will be wowing the crowds (not).


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