Monday, February 05, 2007

The root of all evil?

Margaret Beckett who, I am told is our foreign secretary, has warned that climate change poses a serious threat to world peace.

"What is becoming clear is that this is not just another environmental threat but that international peace, prosperity, security and development are at stake," she says, adding: "We are already experiencing human-induced disruption of the global climate and its effects now."

This, presumably, is why she is now in Israel, with "prospects for progress in Israeli-Palestinian peace" on the agenda.

For all those years, we have been labouring under the impression that the fighting there had something to do with Arab-Jewish emnities, or some such. But, all along it has been global warming. Reduce the CO2 and we are looking at an instant outbreak of World Peace.

Pity about the civil war in Gaza. What's that caused by?


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