Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A great lady

Booker Rising is a favourite blog of mine. As an outsider, deeply interested in American affairs I find it highly refreshing to read discussions of issues to do with Black Americans that are not based on endless demands and complaints. (Of course, it is not as good as La Shawn Barber's Corner but few things on the internet are.)

Today's Quote of the Day comes from that very great and courageous lady, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who now lives in the United States (more shame on the Netherlands), one of the most outspoken and incisive critics of the "all civilizations are equal" thesis and a thorn in the flesh not just of Islamists but of cultural relativists like our old friend Tim Garton Ash.

Booker Rising publishes her comments about different cultures and her assertion that there is no equality between those cultures that value the individual and those who deny that.
Human beings are equal; cultures are not. A culture that celebrates femininity is not equal to a culture that trims the genitals of her girls. A culture that holds the door open to her women is not equal to one that confines them behind walls and veils. A culture that spends millions on saving a baby girl’s life is not equal to a one that uses its first encounter with natal technology to undertake mass abortion simply because baby girls are not welcome. A culture with courts that punish a husband for forcing his wife to have sex with him is not equal to a culture with a tribunal that decrees a young woman be gang-raped for talking to a boy of an allegedly higher caste.
Read it all.


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