Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The alternative Tuesday toy

My colleague is somewhere between London and Bradford (though not, I hope, by way of Beachy Head), so I can get back to basics on the matter of dangerous toys.

What could be more effective than teeth as displayed by this little fellow? Not a shark with pearly teeth - we'll come to that eventually - but a piranha. I now have a special affinity with the beastie as I was called a piranha on 18 Doughty Street when I took part in Vox Politix on Friday.

All I did was to explain to the chap on my left, who happened to be a young Toryboy, the real situation about the European Union and Britain's membership of it. I also challenged him to tell us how the Conservatives would go about changing or reforming the EU. And for that I was called a piranha. Heh!

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