Thursday, January 04, 2007

A single European wife beater?

Domestic violence should be harmonised – or, at least, the treatment of it. According to ČeskéNoviny, this is the objective of an international congress to be held in Prague on 7-10 January, to which effect "experts from 16 countries" are meeting to prepare a "European directive" which will deal with the problem.

The draft European legislation will then be submitted to the EU Commission by the end of March, focusing on the protection of victims of domestic violence and the prosecution of its perpetrators.

Anna Curdova of the Czech Social Democrats party CSSD) is telling journalists that the Czech legislation on domestic violence is one of the most modern in Europe but a “unified European approach” is necessary, otherwise there is a danger that attacks on family members and approach to perpetrators of domestic violence will be different in individual countries.

Says Curdova, "It is necessary for the EU to have clear directives according to which individual EU countries will act. If they do not respect it they will face sanctions."

Mmm… harmonised control of domestic violence – definitely needed to ensure the proper functioning of the Single Market, methinks.


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