Friday, January 05, 2007

Know how he feels

The Times tells us that a superstore tycoon and avowed Eurosceptic has defended his decision to hire more than 30 workers from Poland.

Bruce Robertson, who owns Trago Mills and is a member of the UK Independence Party member, employs the workers at his complex near Newton Abbot in Devon.

He said: "I have no alternative than to employ foreign workers to keep our business going. Increasing legislation by our own Parliament and the EU has provided a mass of red tape for employers."

Some of that legislation was the EU's metric law, which made it an offence to sell – amongst other things – Brussels sprouts by the pound. Bruce's response was to set up a vegetable stall selling – amongst other things – Brussels sprouts by the pound, with a counter to record the number of offences committed. And what fun we had, with not a Trading Standards Officer to be seen.

But, given the quality of staff he was then reduced to "hiring", it is no wonder he is now happier with Poles. They, at least, will have no problem with metric.


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