Monday, July 03, 2006

No European feelings in the World Cup

How often have we been told that in the new Europe, people consider themselves to be European rather than members of any particular nationality? Oh yes? Tell that to the football fans (and the tennis fans and any other kind of fans).

Now that England is out (in the quarter finals as usual) and the hysteria about the wonders of Wayne Rooney and the shopping powers of the WAGs has, inevitably, died one can start paying attention to the championship.

The first thing to note that it will be an all-European line-up to the fourth position. France will be playing Portugal and Germany, Italy. Whom do the Eurocrats support? Surely the best team around. Apparently not.

Former Commission President, now Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi has been invited to watch the relevant semi-final by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As a matter of courtesy he would surely support Germany, since national feelings no longer matter.

Alas, Signor Prodi has announced that he will be cheering for the Italian team, not even stipulating that they should all be people untainted by the ever-growing scandal. Absolutely disgraceful.


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