Monday, July 03, 2006

Mandelson speaks

Peter Mandelson…and the Independent listens. The great man has "broken ranks" with his European Commission colleagues, says the newspaper, "with an outspoken attack on the 'rigmarole' of the European Parliament's monthly commute from Brussels to Strasbourg, describing it as "unacceptable".

Burbling onwards, the paper adds that "his comments are likely to intensify debate over the site of the European Parliament, which moves from Brussels to Strasbourg one week in every four. The move costs the European taxpayer an estimated €200m (£140m) each year."

For a paper that prides itself on its internationalism, though, isn't this just a tad parochial? As far as I recall, the fragrant one has been banging on for some time about this, and has been reported widely, most recently here.

But Margot is a foreign person, even if she is the EU's communications commissioner. So clearly, the little Englanders on the Indy don't count her. But when their own darling Peter speaks… well, that's another matter.


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