Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wish I had been there

Every now and then some corker of a story comes out of the UN that makes me wish I could have been there to watch it. This is one, from the New York Sun via The American Thinker.
“A verbal brawl erupted at the Security Council yesterday as it debated the subject of terrorism. During the skirmish, Syria accused Israel of starting World Wars I and II, as well as "contemplating" a third world war.”
Terrific. Here is a country where the teaching of history is even worse than it is in our schools. Wow! On second thoughts, maybe not. After all, how many teachers of history know that Israel did not exist either during the First or the Second World War?

It seems that the row was caused in the first place by the Israeli representative, who had described Syria and Iran as being part of the “axis of terror” (there must be a third one – you have to have three members to be an axis in history) not, in itself, a particularly earthshaking statement. Both those countries have proudly told the world that they were political and financial supporters of terrorist organizations such as Hamas (many of whom are still in Syria or creating trouble in Lebanon under Syrian auspices) and Hezbollah.

Still, admitting to supporting terrorism, praising terrorist homicide bombers is one thing but being accused of the same thing by someone else, particularly the designated victim, Israel, is something completely different.


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