Saturday, February 04, 2006

The peace-lovers gather

In an unexpected gesture of solidarity, peace-loving Islamists have now gathered cordially in Damascus to express their sincere love of free speech to their colleagues in the Danish and Norwegian embassies.

According to a Telegraph report, at the Danish embassy, these gentle people took time out to remind the crowds of their commitment peaceful discourse by chanting "God is Great," as they burned the Danish flag and replaced it with another flag reading "No God but Allah, Mohammad is His Prophet". They then set fire to the building in order to demonstrate their solidarity with the Danes.

At the Norwegian embassy, police obligingly provided water from their water cannons for the crowd sweltering under the midday sun, and made available supplies of tear gas to assist them in showing the appropriate emotions. Thus refreshed and fortified, the crowd then politely demolished police barriers and, in the interests of equality, set fire to that building as well.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters the democratic republic of Iran, which has so unfairly been referred to the UN Security Council by a vote of the IAEA – when all it wants to do is deliver high levels of nuclear energy to its impoverished near-neighbour, Israel - has decided to assist the peace-loving bretheren of Islam.

It is formed a committee to review trade ties with countries that have published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad - peace be to him - in the hope of encouraging European nations to develop their censorship skills to the level practised by the Islamist world.

As the brothers in Nazareth also chanted their support for peaceful expression (left), they were joined by 500 students of Islamic seminaries or madrasas in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore, who chanted "Down with Denmark". In a novel demonstration of support for the city art gallery, they then called for the authorities to, "Hang the culprits".

In response to this admirable support for the principles of free speech, the Polish financial daily Rzeczpospolita has now published the much-admired cartoons. The Gaza Ladies Sewing Circle has since reported a rush of orders for the Polish flag, noting that their new, improved "flammable version" was selling particularly well.


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