Thursday, July 08, 2004

Will the EU protest if the Communists come back to power?

There is now a serious danger that an active Communist party can become part of a government in a member state, the Czech Republic, to be precise.

President Vaclav Klaus has asked the Interior Minister, Stanislav Gross, to form the new government in the wake of Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla’s resignation, but specified that he must not include any Communists in it.

Unfortunately, Gross may well find himself asking the Communist Party to join the coalition, there being no other way of ensuring a majority in parliament. This possibility has caused some consternation in the Czech press, with the left-wing, formerly Communist Právo and Mlado front Dnes leading the way.

Given the fuss some member states made when the Austrian people voted for Jörg Haider’s Freedom Party, one wonders what will happen when there is an EU government that includes members of a party that is directly and unashamedly linked to the oppressive pre-1989 system.

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