Thursday, December 01, 2011

Tory Fail!

After all the prattling, the "rebellion" of the europlastics, the stern editorials and all the rest of the garbage, what does it come to? Like absolutely everything else on "Europe" (and much more besides), when push comes to shove, the Tories don't deliver.

It was never going to be, anyway. Even as we speak, the "colleagues" are working on a by-pass, which allows them to bring in new rules without formally changing the treaties.

The Tory idea of holding the EU to ransom over an IGC - bartering changes in competences against our agreement on treaty changes affecting the eurozone – was always simplistic to the point of childish. One way or another, the Tory game was always going to fail.

But that is not what was supposed to have happened, according to the really clever people, people like George Eustice and Charles Moore. They knew soooooo much better than the rest of us. We were supposed to listen to them, stand back and believe.

Back in the real world, though, the Tories have failed, as predicted. The fun is in guessing not whether they fail, but how (and what excuses they trot out). Of all the options, a simple cave-in is the most boring – but on past record, should have been thought the most likely.

Still, I suppose we can at least say one thing of the Tories. They never fail to disappoint.