Thursday, December 01, 2011

Quick off the mark

Jeremy Warner writes: "Events on the Continent have come to feel much like the drift into war. There is a feeling of powerless inevitability about it".

It is always good to see Failygraph hacks catching up. Exactly two months ago, I wrote:
This time a hundred years ago, we were three years away from a World War. There is the same feeling of impending change with us now. The post-war settlement is finally breaking down. In a few years' time, new things, the shape of which we can only guess, will be emerging.

By the end of this decade a hundred years ago, we were looking at a world that had irrevocably changed. That same wind of change is blowing now. Ambrose sees it. I can see it and many of my readers are only too aware of it.
Of course a brilliant writer like Jeremy Warner can't be expected to be on the ball as well. That is why it takes him two months to notice what everyone else has long ago seen.