Sunday, August 07, 2011

The parasite class prospers

Already the great and the good are wringing their hands at the looting and pillage in Tottenham. But, as is characteristic of that breed, they are blind to the looting and pillage of the parasite class, the latest example of which is explored in the Booker column.

It is very hard, though, to get worked up about a group of looters ripping off the local stores, when the parasite class is so blatant about lining its own pockets with much greater sums of our money, a process that has been going on for far too long.

But it is interesting how condemnation and outrage is so selective. As long as you wear a suit or a smart frock, dress yourself up in some grand title and hobnob with the great and the good, you are allowed to rob the taxpayer blind. Like as not, you are then given another job and, in the fullness of time, a nice little gong or some other award - and a nice pension to boot.

In all this, there is this complete inability to see how such behaviour looks from the bottom up. Thus they whinge about not anticipating the violence, completely unaware of just how much they are hated.

However, with the parasite class setting the example of theft on an industrial scale, it should surely come as absolutely no surprise that the proles emulate them at the first opportunity, as well as taking out their hatred on those they see as their oppressors.

But surprise it is to our parasites. They lack completely any self-awareness, and would be mortified to see themselves lumped in with the other thieves. On top of that they seem incapable of understanding the depths of loathing that pervade all levels of society - they really have no idea how much they are hated.

But when we have senior plod on the take as well, theft and indifference becomes the norm. We need no Mafia in this country – we have it in our masters, the parasite class. With Tottenham though, it is now becoming more evident that they are sitting on a powder-keg primed to explode. And while the great and the good deplore "mindless" violence, what they really should be worried about is mindful violence. That has yet to come.